11 December 2013


Thought I'd do a short post about the Kimono Cardigan I made- or Kimardigan as my partners dad created!

Bought a heap of fabrics from Spotlight all at a discounted cost of $6 a meter. BARGAIN! 

So I decided that the brightest fabric would be turned into the Kimardigan.
Then I got ma ass moving to sew this bad boy so I could wear it! 

How to make a KIMARDIGAN! 
Kimardigan Template

 1. Start with 1.5m of fabric and fold in half
2. Sew two L shapes on opposite directions (for the kimono arms) See diagram above!
3. Cut the remainder of the fabric inside the L shapes (See green area)
4. Turn the fabric onto the correct side.
5. Cut a line down the middle of 1 side. This your opening of the Kimardigan!
6. You've got the base now, just need to finish it off with over locking or/and hemming all the sides! 
7. Sexy ass Kimardigan DONE!

Finished Product - Kimardigan!
My next Kimardigan will a corporate one, maybe with a light stripe. Perfect for summer in the office! 

Until next time, 




  1. Seriously the greatest tutorial ever! I've got the perfect fabric... oh and some tassles! You da best girl!

    xx Becky

  2. Hi Becky, thanks so much ha ha it wasn't the most detailed tutorial! Would love to see some pics when you are finished :)