6 April 2014

Perth Curvettes - SATC - Carrie


The Perth Curvettes April Challenge is my god send - Sex and the City is one of my favorite shows (as I'm sure it is for most women)

For my first entry, I channeled Carrie Bradshaw in the first SATC movie. I absolutely adore her outfit here, the beautiful thick fabric with the mixing of prints and the harsh belt is amazing. I purchased this beautiful midi skirt from Portmans a few weeks ago and at the time thought to myself - This is so Carrie. The print, the poofiness and the outright overdressed!

So here I am - Rocking my favourite midi skirt with a simple navy long sleeve top and a beautiful cape jacket from Dotti. The cape jacket is also a newbie (ahhhh, yes I've been shopping). I actually saw that Hayley Hasselhoff wore one at the Curvy Couture Fashion show in Melbourne last week, must be a new trend coming into winter! 

Midi Skirt - Portmans - Normally $99.95 however I got it for $69.95 (I had a voucher!)
Long Sleeve Top - Myer - $14.95
Cape Jacket - Dotti - $49.95
Lace up Heels - Sportsgirl - $13.95 (BARGAIN!)

Until next time, 



5 April 2014

Sale Thrill

I go shopping regularly – by regularly I mean most weeks I’ll pop in. Popping in means I’m just window shopping, looking at new designs, trends and the full price items. I don’t usually shop for a specific item - For me, shopping is a treasure hunt. The shopping centre is my map – You’ve got to understand when stores tend to phase out into sale seasons, what trends will most likely be duplicated in cheaper stores and what sizes will be on sale. 

Most items I purchase on sale (Those items I don’t get on sale are under $30 usually). I always feel better in clothes that I purchase on sale – I get that thrill when someone compliments my clothes and I get to tell how much I bought it for in an loud beaming voice and expression like I’ve just discovered all the secrets of the world. 

Here is my list of tips when I shop: 

  • Department Stores such as Kmart (especially Kmart – MY FAVOURITE), Big W and Target have excellent on trend items of reasonable quality and very affordable – It’s worth having a monthly visit to these stores (or weekly if you are me!)
  • Don’t presume the size won’t fit you – TRY IT ON! You would be surprised that certain designs and fabrics can fit plus size women in the straight size stores. Stretch is my friend! My favourite stores are Ally Fashion (They go up to a size 16 and have very generous sizing), Portmans, Sportsgirl, Jacqui-E, Sussan, Witchery and Valleygirl.
  • Be patient – I’ve worked out that stores will tend to turn over items onto sale in a bi-monthly cycle. I’d been eyeing off the anoraks at Portmans for around a month and knew that mid-season sale would be coming up soon, so got it for $49.95 instead of $129.95. BOOM! CASH MONEY!
  •  Ask yourself why you are buying the item –My wardrobe runs in cycles – All my clothes are cheap so I know that they will not last years, or even months. I need to be able to wear the item more than 5 times and have some outfits with my existing wardrobe that I can imagine it with. 

Now so I can enjoy my sale thrill, I’ve decided to do a monthly post on my sale items– Check out my April Sale Thrill items below! 

Jersey Maxi – Valleygirl – Size L - $7.99 originally $29.95
T-Shirt – Jacqui-E – Size M - $9.95 originally $29.95
Anorak – Portmans – Size 14 - $49.95 originally $129.95 
Until next time,