11 December 2013


Thought I'd do a short post about the Kimono Cardigan I made- or Kimardigan as my partners dad created!

Bought a heap of fabrics from Spotlight all at a discounted cost of $6 a meter. BARGAIN! 

So I decided that the brightest fabric would be turned into the Kimardigan.
Then I got ma ass moving to sew this bad boy so I could wear it! 

How to make a KIMARDIGAN! 
Kimardigan Template

 1. Start with 1.5m of fabric and fold in half
2. Sew two L shapes on opposite directions (for the kimono arms) See diagram above!
3. Cut the remainder of the fabric inside the L shapes (See green area)
4. Turn the fabric onto the correct side.
5. Cut a line down the middle of 1 side. This your opening of the Kimardigan!
6. You've got the base now, just need to finish it off with over locking or/and hemming all the sides! 
7. Sexy ass Kimardigan DONE!

Finished Product - Kimardigan!
My next Kimardigan will a corporate one, maybe with a light stripe. Perfect for summer in the office! 

Until next time,