5 March 2014

Perth Curvettes - Double Take Challenge - Office to Night Out!

So I've been Instagram stalking a wonderful group of Perth women for a number of weeks called the Perth Curvettes.

I've been wanting to participate in the blogger challenges in both the Perth Curvettes and Aussie Curve groups however I find I always slack off with actually writing a blog post. 

In 2014 I promised myself I would begin entering blog challenges - it's March already and I haven't posted here since December - clearly I'm fulfilling my promise haha! 

So here we are - my FIRST post for the Perth Curvettes challenge - Office to Night Out. 

I picked this one first as I work in a corporate environment so I'm always in office attire. 

I decided to use my Big W stripe dress that I practically stole for $25. It's super comfy and versatile. It's a size 16 from their straight size range. 

In the day outfit, I paired it with a grey light cardigan and the night, I exchanged it for a leather jacket, some red lippy and a clear clutch. 

Finito! First post done - now to working out how to put the linky code and banners into the post. Wish me luck! 

Until next time - 

Nadia xox 


  1. Replies
    1. Hiya, I am so sorry about the late reply. You are actually the first comment I have ever had!
      Jacket is from Big W for $39 :)

  2. The dress is just gorgeous!! Love the outfits!