5 November 2013

Melbourne Cup 2013

The race season is among us! Melbourne cup marks the start of the summer for me - its when the bright and loud outfits begin to emerge as we launch into the full swing of summer! I love the Melbourne cup purely for the fashion - the race ehhhh don't really pay attention to it, but the excitement of picking an outfit and getting a little dolled up for only an hour is thrilling. Goes to show how exciting my life is hey! 

Now in a mission to curb my intense shopping addiction, I decided to use something I already owned. So I began rummaging through my cupboards, and what shocked me was that I had easily come up with 10 outfits of which 6 still had tags attached. Absolutely disgraceful ... I'm officially putting a stop to shopping until the end of the year (maybe! Ekkkk) 

So out of all the outfits, I decided with this cute number below - a Portmans floral blue peplum top that I got for a bargain at $18 and a Cue skirt that I practically stole for an amazing $28, originally it was $169! I didn't do the traditional fascinator, instead opting for a floral headpiece. Overall, the outfit was comfy and still suitable for a full days work! 

Also featured is my snazzy work colleague and friend, Jacinta, who is channeling the 1980's race style. Absolutely love her style, you can follow her at perthundiscovered! 

Until next time amigos! 



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