9 September 2013

EU 13 - Munich

Back to Deutschland! We arrived in Munich and the weather went sour - 13 degrees and raining! I did not pack appropriately for this trip - I only brought summer clothes so I was freezing my butt off! We braved the weather and did a bike tour around Munich called Mikes Bike Tours. I had the privlege of riding the cutest vintage bike (photos below). Lucky for us it stopped raining when we started so the tour was great! The guide was great in that he mixed humour with history that kept us on our toes. Munich has some wonderful mixture of architecture - they are so talented in mixing the old with the new. 

After a few hours of exercise on the bikes, we ventured straight onto the beer halls - the german way! The first beer hall was Hofbrauhaus house, the biggest and most popular. Drinking a litre of beer is VERY hard for me so it took me two hours, whilst dan had 2! We ate there and ate traditional German pork dishes - great food! It's amazing how many steins a waitperson can carry with one arm. The waiter definitely deserved their tip just for carrying ALL 9 drinks to our table. After a full meal and alcohol, it's so easy to feel sleepy. Surprisingly, we went to another two beer halls and then headed back to the hotel. The trip to Munich was short but sweet. 

Fatshion wise - nothing amazing as it needed to be comfortable and warm! I rocked jeans, peplum top, cardigan and massive scarf. 

We're travelling across Austria on our way to Venice tomorrow and passing by Innsbruck, Austria. 

Until then! 

Xoxo Nadia 

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