9 September 2013

EU 13 - Amsterdam

Departing Amsterdam now... and I feel shattered. Experienced many many interesting things in Amsterdam. We travelled from Brussels to Amsterdam on the coach for the morning, then had the rest of the day to venture around Amsterdam. When I think of Amsterdam I automatically think of prostitution, drugs and bikes... That is everything it is and more! The city is so beautiful with the canals, lane streets and amazing architecture. Wish we had more time here but that was the point of doing a tour around Europe - we could see a snap shot of Europe and pick where we'd like to spend more time in the future. So after the crazy night, this morning we headed to where they produce clogs and cheese - the greatest combination! Soooo yummy and bonus is that we can actually bring cheese back with us (Thanks Australia!) 

Onto fatshion - I knew we were going to be walking around most of the day so planned a more comfortable outfit. I wore a floral peplum top and 7/8 black pants. The top is from Portmans and one of my favourites! The peplum is longer at the back so gives a flattering view of ma behind ha-ha! (Pictures below) I also ended up wearing the same thing out on the town. I just put my hair in a bun, chucked some hot pink lipstick on, and put a peplum jacket on - easy! (A picture of this outfit was not taken due to unforeseen circumstances... Ha-ha!) 

We're now on our way to St Goar on the Rhine Valley. Until tomorrow.. 

Xoxo Nadia 

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