8 September 2013

EU 13 - Brussels

Today we started our infamous contiki tour around Europe and it has again, proven to be a great decision to choose contiki! All the people on the tour are great and a good laugh! We started bright and early at 6.45 and began our journey from London to Brussels. Our first partial stop was Dover to make our way to Calais across the English Channel on a ferry. 
I have a beautiful memory of Brussels as it was one of the only stops I remember when my family travelled Europe when I was younger. Brussels was exactly what I  remembered, so rich in culture and beauty. We entered the central square, emersed ourselves in the 17th century architecture, ate the shit out of Belgian waffles and mussels, and spent a few hours at the Delorium Emporium. They serve over 1000 types of beer, so Dan was in his element! We met the most interesting Danish guys in their 40s, who go on a 'boys' weekend every year and had ventured into Brussels for the weekend. We found out that they also home brew and are have just started their own beer! We exchanged stories and they bragged about how much Denmark loves Princess Mary - Go Australia! All in all, a great first day on our tour and we'll definitely be planning to spend more time in Belgium in the future. 

Onto fatshion now..

The night before contiki we found out that we needed a backpack and it was 7.00pm. (Why did I pack so much!!!!) Slight freak but we grabbed a cab to take us to Primark and... I found this beauty of a dress (pictured below) for a small £9 or $18 AUD. The pattern is a retro green and it would be great for work when I get back as well! 

As I write today, we are currently on the bus on the way to Amsterdam for a night. So excited to get a little wild! 

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Xoxo Nadia 

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