3 September 2013

EU 13 - London

So we had an emotional departure from Portugal and farewelled my family for another two years. Our next stop was London! I've been to London a couple of times but have never really ventured around as I was with family, so I was especially excited to see what the city had to offer as I'd heard so many wonderful things! Usually I'm super organised and plan an entire schedule but this time - we did nothing. We have very scheduled lives and needed the holiday for a well deserved break so decided that we would go with the flow! It was most definitely the best decision we've made! We ended up accidentally venturing through all the touristy things within a day, leaving the rest of the time to wander through the suburbs. We hit up the Brick Lane sunday markets, Fullers Brewery, the Australian Embassy (to vote.. argh!), Lords cricket ground and watched the Book of Mormon musical. 

Now onto the best part - shopping! I'd heard so many good things about shopping and fashion here in London. I have to ask myself a number of questions when i shop as i tend to go overboard - 1. Can i get this at home? 2. Is it worth the price? 

Unfortunately, all the stores answered yes and no to questions 1 and 2. The prices were relative to what i find in Australia, only thing was that the exchange rate made everything double the price! A dress i bought in H&M in New York last year for $19 AUD was $46 AUD in London. Fair to say I was pretty bummed but nonetheless I still found some good buys: 
1. Floral dress featured below from Primark for £13 which is around $26 AUD. 
2. Geometric skirt from H&M for £19.99 around $40 AUD. 

All in all, London was lovely and we'd definitely return. We start our contiki tour around Central Europe tomorrow so I'll be blogging about each stop we take! 

Here are a few snaps of my outfits! 

Dress: Primark $26 
Skirt: Country Road $31 (Bought this 18 months ago and it's a size small! Love the stretch!) 
Jacket: Sussan $89.95 (My go-to item on this holiday as you can tell!) 
Pants: Sussan $50
Top: Seed $28
Jacket: Sussan $89.95
Dress: Gap $17 (Bought this in Vegas last year) 
Jacket: Sussan $89.95
Top: Witchery $14
Skirt: Kmart $15 

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