3 September 2013

EU 13 - Portugal

Hiya All,

It's been a few weeks and I'm already behind in posting on my blog! So to catch up, I left Australia on the 22nd of August to visit my family in Portugal and travel around Europe until the end of September. 
My aim on this holiday is to document everything we do and what I wear, as I packed 23 kilos of outfits! 

So let's begin, the first stop - Portugal! 
Portugal was great, except for some drama but nevertheless, it was beautiful as usual. We stayed in my family town, Cortes, which is 3 hours out of Lisbon. It's a beautiful hillside town and at the time they were celebrating their annual festival. There were heaps of late late nights, cerveja, vinho and so much food! 
We swam in the dam in Algrave, drank a mitro of cerveja, ate snails and enjoyed the company of my boisterous and hilarious familia! 

Here are two of my outfits whilst in Portugal. 
1. Wore this comfy outfit whilst travelling around Lisbon. 
Dress - Cotton On $19.95
Necklace - Lovisa $7
2. Wore this at Pedrogo Pequena look out.
Dress - Asos $35
Jacket - Sussan $89.95

Dan and I are currently in London until the 5th of September. I'll be writing a post about London in the next few days! 
If you want to see pics of my outfits, follow me on Instagram.com/throwingacurveball 

Until next time,

Nadia xoxo 

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