25 September 2013

EU 13 - Mt Titlis (Swiss Alps)

From St Goar, we began the drive to the Mount Titlis, Switzerland. We passed by Lucerne to check out the Chapel Bridge. Lucerne is so quaint and romantic. The river was so aqua and clear with white swans swimming around. It was like something out of a postcard. We spent 2 hours in Lucerne, checked out the watches, chocolate stores and walked around. We then made the journey up to Mount Titlis. We arrived at a gondola (cable car) station and had to get our luggage onto a 6 person gondola to make it up the mountain. I'm deathly afraid of heights so it was an experience that I was not looking forward to. The Swiss alps were breathtaking. No photo can ever do it justice. We arrived at our hotel which was half way up the mountain, and it was the only hotel up there! The ski lodge was very modern and we found out that it was solely for our group. All the views, waterfalls, lakes and alps all to ourselves! If anyone was considering a contiki, I would most definitely recommend yes! I couldn't believe that this was all included in our tour, absolutely great accommodation. After getting to the hotel, we passed out and got ready for the next full on day in the snow and alps. 

Dan had decided to do bungee jumping in the middle of the alps. Me being me, I researched all the safety standards, the company's safety rating and so on - They passed ha-ha! He jumped off a gondola at 190 metres high in the middle of the Swiss Alps. Crazy! We have an awesome GoPro video of the whole jump which is so entertaining. After the adrenaline rush, we ventured to the top of the mountain at 3200m via a massive gondola and then a rotating gondola. I have never seen anything more beautiful than the glacier up there. I have never seen snow before so it was exciting! We had snowball fights , went tobogganing and were absolutely freezing! 

Onto fatshion.. I did not pack for the cold AT ALL so I had to wear three pairs of leggings and black pants in top and layers of tops to suffice! My outfit wasn't anything to document as it was merely for comfort and warmth!

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