4 August 2013

Numero Uno!

I've been a devout plus size blog reader for years! I've committed and finally started my own... "Throwing a curve ball"

An explanation of the title: I was in the car this morning with my partner, Daniel, and we were brainstorming names for my blog. Dan's first suggestion was curve ball... and I laughed in his face as I thought he was being childish about the word "balls". But then I thought about all the amazing plus size bloggers that I follow everyday - They are beautiful curvy girls, who dress to the nines - a complete curve ball, not what society expects!

Now for an explanation of my blog and my life!

I'm Nadia, 22 yo, from Perth, Western Australia. I’m a full-time Health & Safety Advisor, for a not-for-profit organisation and also study full-time finishing my business degree.  I live with my partner, Daniel, in our very cute house (I love DIY home design) and we love to travel. We are off to Europe for a month in just a few weeks!

I've been curvy all my life, and in the last 9 months, I've lost 35 kilos and dropped 3 dress sizes. I'm now a size 16 and nearing the double digits, Wohoo! I’ve still got 20 kilos to go, but I’m of the belief that slow and steady wins the race. Not in a rush to say goodbye to the last 20 kilos as I want to enjoy life, the way my body is changing every day and be body confident!

Onto my favourite part, FATSHION!

I LOVE fashion.

I love clothes so much that when I moved into our home, I had 38 boxes/bags of clothes and I have an entire room as my dressing room.

I’m a thrifty shopper though; I’ll only ever buy things on sale. If it’s full price, I’ll make friends with the shop keeper, try and get the 411 on the sale times, and wait until I can at least get it 30% off. I’m a firm believer that you can dress fashionably at affordable prices!

So to summarise, this blog is a forum for me to debrief on fashion, my life and other interests!

Can’t wait to throw you a curve ball!

Nadia xox

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  1. Well done on the weight loss! How did you do it? 35 kg is A LOT!